www.Poptropica.com with cheats for steamworks island walkthrough


A children’s website that has been around since 2007 is www.poptropica. Poptropica is an online game for ages 6 to 15 years old published by Family Education Network where children can play safely and securely. No personal information is ever shared by players; all communication with other players is from a series of premade questions and answers.

This interactive game site contains engaging stories and games that are based on history and some well know children’s characters such as Barbie® and Charlie Brown®. Children create their own characters that can travel around the world, compete in competitions, and explore new sites. Children can also watch movies and read digital books and comics. They can play in the free world, but to access all the areas of poptropica, it is necessary to purchase a membership. Parents will need to log on and create a parent account for this to happen.

Once a child has accessed the website, the first question it will ask is if the player is new or a returning player. Once a character is created, via questions asked about gender and age, they will be able to select the type of clothes, hair, etc. Then they will be able to move on to what looks like a pirate map with multiple islands that they can explore, answer questions and find objects to put into their treasure chest. A screen name and password will need to be made if children plan on returning to the site to continue playing the game.

The game can be frustrating if there are no instructions, but young children seem to find this fascinating and are willing to play. After playing one island on the map and completing all the tasks, points or credits will be credited to the account and children will be able to use this to purchase equipment, supplies or extras needed for the game.

One snag on www.poptropica is that there are areas where it will take children to other websites, if they click on the link for a book or DVD, it will take them to that particular website to purchase it. If parents don’t mind their children accessing other websites, then it is not a problem, otherwise they will need to tell their children to not click on the books or DVDs that are in the game.


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