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Photography is a popular hobby for millions of people. Photo albums full of family photos, vacation pictures, pet pictures and maybe a few celebrities are in every home. A website www.photobucket.com allows photographers of all ages to share and post photos of everything and anything they can think of. Once a photographer creates an account, one can post photos into online albums of their choice, or if one has an interest in tractors or cars, one can visit the site and view pictures relating to that topic. Photobucket is not just limited to photos alone; one can post videos, find icons and even read quotes and sayings that are posted.

Several different topics from cars, animals, movies and fashion can be browsed through, along with many more topics that are listed.
It is a great way to share photos with ones that are a distance away and can not be there to share a birthday party. By taking a video, family members can go onto the album and watch the video of a birthday celebration that could not be attended in person. Distance can be a problem for most families to get together, but with photobucket, it makes the distance a whole lot shorter.
If photography is a passion that one truly enjoys, a great way to extend that passion is try out for some of the photobucket photo contests. There are several different categories that one can enter photos in.

Whether it is a picture of a car, a pet or a lamppost one might find a contest to enter the latest snapshots into. Find out what contests are going on today, take the camera out to find those subjects and see how the photos rate against others. It would be a great way to spend a day doing what one loves to do. Any icon lover would be excited by the huge inventory of icons that are available, everything from funny icons, heart icons and get well icons are posted. One will definitely find a new favorite icon or find a new drawing or art work piece that they absolutely love. The only thing that is left to do now is, go to photobucket.com, create an account, let the family know where the photos are posted so they can view the photos, and take some new snapshots to enter into the contests.


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