www.PBSkids.org has free online games like curious george


As a mother of two small children and one nearly grown, I have seen many hours of kid's programming. I have always considered PBS programming safe and educational for my kids to watch, from way back in the day when Barney was new. With a twelve year gap between my first two children, I was relieved to find the programming stayed true to entertainment and education safe for little ones. I was pleased to find, as well, that PBSkids has a website, www.pbskids.org, that's just as trustworthy as their television shows. Unlike many sites for children, I found nothing I would be concerned with my child viewing. I don't have to worry about him accidentally clicking an advertisement or infecting the family computer with spyware like he might if he were playing on a more commercial site. Advertisements on the page were discrete, far to the bottom of the page, making an accidental click unlikely. The website also included an "Are you sure?" pop-up with a big, friendly, blue arrow to go back before leaving the site. All the advertisements were, if not for kids specifically, were for family friendly companies. This allowed me to feel safe enough not to feel compelled to monitor every mouse click.

Pbskids.org has a site setup easy for small hands with less fine motor control to be able to navigate. It is pre-reading to barely reading friendly, as picture links speak to the child as they move their cursor over the picture. These links lead to educational games and videos of lond-time kid favorites, such as Sesame Street, Curious George, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. There is even downloadable coloring pages for the little ones. The "Hooper" section has kids dancing, creating stories, drawing, and listening to music. We even get to see little Hooper's "adventures" just like when watching PBSkids.

Another benefit I found was a link from whatever character I was on to a related parent's and teacher's site. If my son is excited about Elmo this week, I can look up parent and child activities related to Sesame Street episodes. This is great, as his "favorites" tend to change rapidly. I was pleased that PBSKids.org stayed in character with PBSKids television's ideal that education can be entertainment.


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