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With the many and varied credit cards available on the market today, it's important to choose one that offers all the right conveniences of all popular credit cards rolled into one. Orchard Bank offers all the benefits that a cardholder is looking for on a day to day basis. There is also a card to cover all types of credit history from the Platinum, Gold, and Classic to a Secured card.

By logging on to www.orchardbank.com a customer will find what each card offers and what fits their needs. From this site a credit cardholder will also be able to monitor all activity from current APR and balances, to all other pertinent information about their card. Another convenient aspect is the Online Bill Pay which helps to pay bills in a timely manner, without the constant bother of writing a check, or logging on to a confusing payment site. With this one-stop center you can monitor all payments at one location. Through a card holder's email or text messaging system, Orchard Bank will let a person know when a payment is due. Orchard Bank also has fully trained customer service representatives that will help with any questions cardholders might have. Another great aspect found at orchardbank.com is 100% Fraud Liability Protection with customized spending alerts to keep cardholders aware of any improper activity.

The easy Card Selection and Applications process helps anyone to quickly find a card for themselves as well as their potential credit limit. If anyone is worried about this online process affecting their credit score a potential Orchard Bank cardholder can relax. Orchard makes sure that credit scores are not affected in any way. Upon approval a cardholder must agree to the terms of the card they have been approved for, and pick the style they wish to have adorn their personalized Orchard Bank credit card. A Orchard Bank cardholder will also be able to access other great online offers on Offer Central, where they will find special incentives and gifts such as, life insurance, gift certificates, travel, DVDs, and savings on gas.

Another exciting new offer is the Orchard Bank Online ecosmart Card. With this card a cardhold is able to earn a two point reward with every dollar spent. These rewards can be used for ecofriendly rewards, gift cards, or cash back. Everything a person needs to get started within minutes is available at www.orchardbank.com.


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