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Ohiolottery.com is a comprehensive source of information about buying, selling and redeeming lottery tickets in the state of Ohio. The Ohio Lottery Commission, which runs the website, has administered the state's lottery since 1973. During that time, the sale of lottery tickets has provided more than $16 billion in education funding for Ohio's public elementary and secondary schools.

At Ohiolottery.com, customers and retailers can find everything they need to know about lottery tickets available in the state. There are more than four dozen types of lottery tickets sold in Ohio, including “instant win” scratch tickets and classic lottery tickets where winning numbers are chosen in a drawing. Step-by-step instructions for playing each of these games are available at www.ohiolottery.com. The site explains how to play the games, how much prize money is available, the odds of winning, the ticket prices and how to redeem a winning ticket. Some of the largest jackpots are available through the traditional lottery drawing games, including Ohio’s Classic Lotto and the multi-state Mega Millions and Powerball games. Lottery ticket customers can look online for explanations of these game rules and to find out when the individual drawings will be held. The prize-winning numbers are posted on the website after the drawings. If a winning ticket must be redeemed by a certain date, the information also can be found at Ohiolottery.com.

More than 9000 retailers now sell Ohio Lottery tickets, with about 1100 businesses offering the newer wager-style Keno game. Potential customers can use a search option at Ohiolottery.com to find a retailer near them. The search engine can locate retailers by city, zip code, county or business name. The search results list the matching businesses, their addresses, and whether the store offers the Keno game. If lottery customers want to watch evening lottery drawings or the Cash Explosion lottery program, they also can find details about broadcast times and television stations at the website.

Ohiolottery.com also offers resources to retailers who currently sell lottery tickets as well as to prospective retailers. Current retailers can find equipment operating guides, policy manuals and forms at the website. Prospective sellers can get information about potential earnings, selling bonuses and the lottery’s rules and regulations. The forms required to become an official retailer can be downloaded through the site. Hotline telephone numbers also are listed at the site for retailers who have problems or questions.


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