www.Nickjr.com with free online games like dora for preshool


Nickolodeon's successful morning pre-school show has spawned the website www.nickjr.com. This website has been designed to provide activities that parents and pre-schoolers, aged two-five years, can do together. The homepage of the website features the mascots from the morning show, Moose A. Moose and Zoe, who act as guides through the site. The homepage features links to various activities, as well as Nickolodeon scheduling information and clips from the popular television shows. Each week, the bottom portion of the homepage features a new learning activity for children to participate in with their parents.

The homepage serves as a portal that allows children and parents to enter other portions of the site. The clickable links for these pages are found at the top of the page under the logo. The menu bar is large and easy to find, while the links are designed using a large, chunky, white font. This menu bar is found under the logo, which features the word "nick" in blue to represent the parent, and "jr" in yellow to represent the child. As always, the logo is done in lower case letters that are designed to relate to the smaller pre-school audience.

By clicking on the "family" link, pre-schoolers and parents are given several options for activities. These activities include games geared towards pre-schoolers, printable downloads, and crafts. The family page also provides information for parents. Parents can access tips about children's health, parenting, and vacation planning tips. There are also several recipes on the webpage that are designed with children in mind. The recipes featured are easy to follow and are broken down into categories, much like a cookbook. In addition, there are usually family activities posted which focus on the particular season and on any upcoming holidays. Clicking on the "shows" link takes children and their parents to a page which features characters and clips from their most popular shows. These include characters such as Dora and Diego, Dino Dan, and characters featured on "Yo Gabba Gabba." The "kids" link directs parents and pre-schoolers to a page of games, art activities, and videos. The games are simple video games, designed to teach children skills such as counting, while they play and interact with characters from the show. The art projects are demonstrated via video and also include step-by-step downloadable instructions. The nickjr.com website has been designed to visually appeal to both parents and their children.


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