www.NetFlix.com with queue manager mac, android, blackberry and iphone


Netflix.com is a mail service that delivers home movies directly to your doorstep. Their website is the primary location where users select the movies they would like to view and rent. Netflix is touted for the ability to stream video over the internet and through various other devices. The website www.netflix.com is accessible to members of netflix; however there is a free trial period currently available.

On the website, users can browse through new and previously released movies. The movies are issued through mail and are offered in two formats Blu-Ray and DVD. As members browse through the selections, they can choose to add to the queue. The queue can also be viewed by clicking on the top tab labeled, “queue”. This is the section where netflix users can arrange their selected movies in a delivery order. There may also be a drop down arrow to indicate the format of the movie. At times, certain formats may be available quicker than others. Arranging the movie lineup on the queue is easy. Users can arrange the queue by changing the number manually or drag and drop the movie title. The movies will automatically change position whether drag and drop or by update queue.

One of the bigger draws to Netflix.com is the availability of instant play movies and television shows. The library of instant play shows is quite amazing as Netflix has also partnered up with the Starz network. Members must download a plug-in called silver light and are then able to stream videos of the internet. Videos are also available for direct play through other electronic devices. These devices must have internet capability and a DVD drive. Some of the devices that are compatible with www.netflix.com are the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

The website www.netflix.com is a movie subscription service for avid movie watchers. Netflix.com has a wide variety of television programming and movie releases that is available in both instant play and home delivery. The subscription pricing is offered at various levels. The monthly service depends upon how many discs are mailed, amount of instant play viewing, and Blu-Ray options.


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