www.Imigrantvisas.State.gov with passport 1738, fees and statusinfos


Travel.state.gov is the official site of the National Visa Center; it reviews all petitions from Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Dept. of Homeland Security. However, after clicking on the website, it takes you to the Service Bureau of Consular Affairs. It indicates an immigration petitioner has received an e-mail from National Visa Center so the petitioner takes specific action.
The website is broken into five categories: International travel, Passport, Visas, Child Abduction and Law & Policy. International Travel section informs the American public of conditions affecting their safety abroad such as travel alerts and warnings. Also, it deals with money transfer overseas to US citizens and helping Americans detained in a foreign country.

While the Passport section informs people how to apply for US passport the first time and Where to apply. Furthermore, the Passport section is divided into 3 sub- sections like How to Renew a person’s passport by mail, How to Replace a Passport and How to Correct a spelling mistake on the passport. The Third section deals with Visa issues such as For Business and Tourism, Study or Exchanges, Work Permit and Immigrate; living permanently in the US. Also, other information under the Resources section is how to travel without Visa.

As for the Fourth section, it deals with Child Abduction such as the Five steps to deal with a child abduction case, How to prevent child abduction and resources to use when dealing with child abduction, How to act if your child is kidnapped in a specific foreign country and What to do if your child is at risk of abduction.Finally, the Law and Policy section deals with issues affecting Americans traveling and living abroad such as Marriage, Divorce, birth of US Citizen and Death of a US Citizen. Also, it deals with citizenship issues such as renouncing your US citizenship and how to get a US citizenship certificate for your child. Overall, the Website of the National Visa Center that become Service Bureau of Consular Affairs is of great benefit to someone who wants to travel abroad, has passport and immigration problems. It provides vast amount of information at the click of the mouse.