www.Oprah.com is the winfrey network for jobs and careers


Oprah Winfrey’s website offers a wide range of articles, videos, audio clips and discussion forums for inspiration, interaction and learning. When individuals visit www.oprah.com, they have access to information on topics such as health, relationships, fashion, beauty, food, books, entertainment, finance, spiritual matters and more. Updates and information about The Oprah Show, Oprah’s magazine and Oprah Radio are easily accessible via this website. Oprah.com is a way to stay connected with recaps of Oprah’s weekday television broadcast. Summaries of each show are posted along with photos and videos of show highlights. Announcements regarding upcoming shows are also available, alerting viewers to tune in to see exciting celebrities and panel experts and to learn new information about a wide range of subjects.

Oprah Winfrey also produces a monthly magazine called O, The Oprah Magazine. On Oprah.com, visitors can read excerpts from the magazine, enjoy full-length articles with related photos and take a variety of assessments and quizzes related to health, dieting, fitness, finances, mental health, and career exploration. Oprah Radio is another resource accessible via Oprah’s website. Visitors can listen to audio files of radio broadcast from a variety of experts and interviews on health, personal growth, and spiritual subjects. The audio files are generally posted the weekday following a broadcast. For individuals interested in the latest information on a wide variety of matters related to health, fitness and personal growth, Oprah.com offers informative articles and videos from experts in their fields. These resources are free of charge and may easily be downloaded. Some questions directed to experts such as Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil and Suze Orman could possibly be shown on television.

Oprah’s website also offers discussion forums for website visitors to share their opinions on various subject matters. Personal profiles may be created to join the website community. Registering on the site allows people to direct their questions to subject matter experts as well as to connect with other forum members. When site visitors subscribe to www.oprah.com, they must provide basic information such as a username and an email address. From time to time, subscribers will receive newsletters from the website, if they wish. The website subscription process also offers a free issue of Oprah’s magazine.


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