www.Way2SMS.com with free login page in hindi for india


Created in 2006, way2sms offers India a free PC to mobile instant messaging service, it boasts of becoming one of the largest personal messaging communities in the world. The first to introduce free messaging to India, the company has reached 200,000 million subscribers. The company executive and founder, V.V. Raju, predicts unlimited growth potential as they add over 24,000 new members daily, with future plans to expand into other countries. The average subscribers age for the free messaging service is 18 to 30; a demographic age that appeals to many of the company's advertisers whose funds provide not only free mobile instant messaging but also free mobile e-mail alert services to subscribers, as well.

By introducing shared screen advertising to India's mobile community, way2sms is able to provide its subscribers with a totally free service; allowing the company's advertisers to use a portion of the subscriber's message screen to deliver its ad to potential consumers and cover the costs of the service to subscribers. Advertisers have opportunities to place ads through banner ads, social media advertising, targeted direct mailers, and click to call ads on the company's website, which is visited by over 30 different countries every day.

One third of India's internet population are registered users on way2sms.com; the company also provides free service to non profit organizations, schools, police departments and other government agencies throughout the country of India. With fast delivery times, the company reports 95% of it messages are delivered within 10 seconds, the company reports its now able to compete with social networking brands around the world. Way2sms has risen, as reported by Alexa.com, to the top 500 visited websites in the world.


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