www.LDS.org with online scriptures to download


LDS.org gives the user an access to a number of Mormon resources. Visitors can find church magazines, locations of local churches, and the full text of Mormon scriptures. The site also offers other resources for Sunday school teachers, visiting and home teachers, and parents who need ideas for family home evening. People who know little else about Mormons know that the Book of Mormon is a scripture used in the church. These people frequently misunderstand that there are three other scriptures used in the church, including the bible. The other items used are the Doctrine and Covenants and the relatively short Pearl of Great Price.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sponsors several magazines. The Era is a general interest publication that contains messages from the church leader, fiction, inspirational articles, and occasional fiction. Contributors to the magazine also offer articles on crafts and scrap booking. Teens can read the New Era and get messages that the leaders of the church decide that teenagers need to hear. It will never quite match Cosmopolitan or Game Informer in popularity among teen readers. The last publication the church puts out, The Friend, is designed for children. The children’s magazine offers puzzles, games, pictures and short stories designed to appeal to younger readers.

Even if a visitor is not interested in the information about the Mormon Church or the message of the first presidency, the site does have something that will appeal to anyone searching down their roots. The church maintains one of the largest genealogical databases in the world. LDS.org links to the church owned familysearch.org. The site works in a manner similar to ancestry.com, but it is entirely non-profit. People can use the church’s resources to trace their roots without any obligation. Visitors can also hear a variety of inspirational messages or find a link to other Mormon friendly new sites on the web. The news link contains official press releases and stories about what is happening in the church itself. Sometimes the news includes stories of temples and other times it covers events that are in the news.


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