www.PremierLeague.com has fantasy football tips, scout and login


The official website of the Barclay's Premier League is www.premierleague.com. This website is filled with all of the information and statistics the serious English football fan wants to know. The home page lists all of the latest league headlines as well as the current league standings. The fixtures list and a reader's poll question are listed here as well. Clicking on the players page provides fans with a full slate of statistics on every player from every club who is currently active in the league. If the fan wants to know how many goals a particular player has scored, or what other teams a player has played for, it's all available at premierleague.com

One very interesting feature of www.premierleague.com is the tickets page. From this page, the fan can see every match to be played in a given week. The page tells the potential ticket buyer whether or not a match is sold out or if tickets are available for purchase. Tickets for some games may be purchased directly from premierleague.com. The Club Profile page contains links to all of the Barclay's Premier League clubs offical websites. A wealth of information is also available on this page about the fans favorite clubs. Each club profile provides an overview of the club as well as an interesting bit of history for the club including its years in or out of the Premier League.

Most fans love statistics, and the statistics page has them all. Find out who has the most goals scored, which team has the highest average attendance, who has picked up the most red cards, or which goalie has the most clean sheets.Fans wishing to engage in fantasy competitions have a home on premierleague.com. The fan can build a favorite team and follow it from week to week. These are just a few of the many features at www.premierleague.com. The football fan can spend countless hours looking through this site at all of its information.


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