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Passport.ie, is an informative website, authorized by the Department of Foreign Affairs, to issue passports to Irish citizens. Like most individuals around the world, a passport is an essential part of international travel. Irish citizens are required to have a passport wherever they travel in the world, with only the UK being excluded from this requirement. A passport protects individuals traveling to other countries in cases of accidents, political unrest in the country they are visiting, theft of belongings, and various other predicaments.

As an Irish citizen, and being part of the EU, travel to other EU nations have minimum restrictions. Outside of the EU, an Irish citizen is subject to the laws of that country. That’s another reason why keeping passports up-to-date is crucial. If a person is traveling and their passport happens to expire, it could create various drawn-out complications, especially if they are outside of an EU country.
When traveling abroad, knowing where the nearest Irish Consulate is located is of great value. There’s always a chance that an emergency could surface, such as losing a passport.

Its best to plan ahead and get an early start when applying for a passport. Passports usually take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery, however its advised not to wait until the last minute. The reason for this is because some countries now require passports to be issued at least six months after the start of the passport holder’s journey. However, our website, www.passport.ie, is kept well up-to-date about all information concerning changes of any passport laws in Ireland or other countries that may effect an Irish citizen’s status when traveling abroad. We have a plethora of information that will assist any Irish traveler with every imaginable need concerning passport procedures.


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