www.GumTree.ie with jobs, massage and pets in Cork and Dublin


The website www.gumtree.ie features online classified ad listings for the communities of Dublin and Cork in Ireland. Users may browse through classified listings or use the website's search function to find specific items or services. There is no charge to use this service, and posting ads on the site is free to all users. Essentially, the site serves as an online bulletin board dedicated not just to goods and services in Dublin and Cork, but also to community interaction.

This noticeboard features a wide variety of ads broken down into categories. Items listed for sale include automobiles, houses, musical instruments, antiques, clothing, pets, electronics and much more. For those on a budget, there are also categories devoted to items that are free or available for trade. Those new to the areas of Dublin and Cork can also find ads for flat rentals and requests for roommates. For job seekers, Gumtree features a section devoted to current job listings. The website also features a services category, where users can find or promote local services such as house cleaning, architectural services, wedding photography and computer repair. For those looking to connect with others in the communities of Dublin and Cork, the community section features listings for ride shares, classes, clubs, nightlife events and many other opportunities and offers for area residents and visitors.

Users are not required to register with gumtree.ie to use the site, however registration allows users to post and manage classified ads through the site instead of through email. Registration also allows users to reserve a personal nickname. Though Gumtree tries to keep the site free from illegal activities, scams, and fraud with the help of both local and international law enforcement agencies, the online community also has a hand in self-policing and reporting suspicious or fraudulent postings. To educate users on how to safely use the site, Gumtree offers an online knowledgebase of safety tips. Specific questions and concerns can also be sent to the site's help desk.


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