www.Focal.ie the translation portal with search section online


The website www.focal.ie is a translation portal. The languages that are being translated on focal.ie are Gaelic or Irish and English as well as a few terms from other languages. What is actually being offered on the website are more than 166,000 Irish terms rather than individual words. There are also over 166,000 English terms. The site includes about 800 other terms from other languages. When accessing the website, you will recognize immediately that it is not in English. Although it is titled an Irish website, the language is Gaelic which is the language of Ireland.

The site is in Irish or Gaelic and contains terminology used by the Irish. The user would have to know Irish or Gaelic to be able to use the site or have a translator on his computer to allow him to access the information on the website. Otherwise, the user would not know what the website is meant for or where to look up a translation of a term from the Irish into the English. There is a software program on the website that allows the user to put in an Irish term or an English term and have it translated for him.

The translations are literal. It is an information website on Irish, English, and a few other languages in terms of defining or translating terms. The terms translated can be single words or phrases. The linguistic collection is solely of terms. That is to say that it is on professional words of phrases that are related to professional disciplines and not simply vocabulary that the average person would be expected to possess. People using the Irish translation website are looking up terms that are used in their line of work or terms that they want translated when used by the Irish or English and some other languages. For those interested in the linguistics of Gaelic, the Irish website is very informational and easy to use.


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