www.CAO.ie with points list, round 2 infos and irish times system


Cao.ie is the official web site of the Central Applications Office in Ireland. With its headquarters along Eglington Street in Galway, the Irish Central Applications Office or CAO remains accessible through this web page. Because the CAO is tasked with processing applications of students into undergraduate first year, there web site is of utmost importance among higher educational institutions. Although the CAO processes applications centrally, the right to approve or deny such applications is still reserved in the higher educational institutions.

The CAO web site has a clean landing page that presents two segments: one in English and one in Irish. Should you choose to enter the site in English, simply click on the green button under the English instructions. Upon entering the web site, you will come face to face with a blog-type web page. The layout is neat and simple. There is a simple banner on the header which says "Central Applications Office" and under it is a menu bar that leads to Home, My Application, Apply, Courses, CAO Handbook, and Contact Us pages. There is also a mini side bar that has similar links except for the added "Course Search" and "As Gaeilge". On the side bar, a visor will find all the pertinent information needed in the CAO transactions. The side bar links include: Downloads, HEI contact details, Applicant Scoring, FETAC Information, Entry To Medicine, Points, HEAR / DARE / SIF, About Change of Mind, Garda Vetting, Alert Lists, College Open Days, Test & Interviews Calendar, School / Reports / Stats, other Web Links, and a Frequently Asked Questions page.

The most important links would have to pertain to the Applications themselves. The "Apply" tab provides important information about Online Applications with the CAO. There is a short questionnaire that will guide the applicant. Depending on the answers, the links provided will lead the applicant to the section of the web site where they should land in. For example, if an applicant has already received an application number, he or she will be directed to the "My Application" page. Under the "My Application" tab, an applicant will be able to monitor the details of his or her application by logging in to the system. There is a short form to be completed before one can log in. The applicant will be asked to supply the CAO Application number, the date of birth, and the account password if there is any.


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