www.BankOfIreland.ie has online banking with login and telephon number

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If you are part of the Bank of Ireland, or are curious as to the services the bank offers, you can perform all your banking needs and learn everything you need to at the BankofIreland.IE website. This website gives you access to all your banking information, and you are even able to apply for new services, ranging from a new credit card to travel insurance.

When you first reach the page you are able to select either "Personal" or "Business," depending on what your current bank account is. From here you are able to log into your bank account on the right side of the screen. Type in your username and password, then click "Log In" to gain access to the website. If you are a member of Bank of Ireland, but don't yet have your own account, you can click the "Register" button, directly under the log in feature. Here you are asked specific information regarding your bank account. Once you enter all the correct data you are able to start the account and begin your online banking service.

On the main page you are also able to open up new accounts and services, such as a mortgage, new investment account, credit cards and a loan. Click on one of the desired options at the top of the page to receive more information regarding your desired account.

There is also some very helpful information listed on the right side of the screen. From here you can learn more about the Bank of Ireland, its current investments and anything else regarding the bank. There are also important direct links for your banking services, such as information about fraud, how to prevent it, and how to protect your current account. These links, once clicked, allow you to navigate to the specific page information so you can read up and further protect yourself.

On the bottom of the main page, there are links to sister accounts and other Banks in Ireland and around the UK.


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