www.SiriusXm.com with radio stattions list and guide online


The modern landscape of the radio industry has changed drastically in these last twenty years. Up until recently radio was by and large a local matter. Individuals who wished to listen to a radio station were limited to the stations within their region. Listeners were also limited to only being able to listen either in a car or at home with a radio receiver. Those days with the advent of satellite radio are now becoming a thing of the past. The leader in satellite radio is SiriusXm. This company, the result of a merger between Sirius Radio and XM radio, now offers it customers the option of online radio service. Individuals who go to the site siriusxm.com can find many things of interest there. Here is a brief overview if what to expect.

Radio program descriptions and biographies:
Displayed prominently on the front page at www.siriusxm.com is a listing of all the radio programs offered by the company. The user simply clicks on the program guide and from there can learn such things as an entertainers biography and also the programming schedule.

Manage account online and shopping:
The website has a portal to access the individuals account. From this portion of the website individuals can change their password and upgrade their current radio subscription plan. Individuals who so desire to do so are able to buy radio plans for both friends and family members directly from the secure market webpage. The page also offers consumers the opportunity to buy items related to the many various programs. Individuals can buy episodes of some programs as well as other different types of merchandise.

Online radio player:
The website offers for subscribers to their service the opportunity to listen to the over 140 stations online from their computer. This feature is one of the more popular features of the site. The site offers as well a link to download an application to use for a smart phone.


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