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Nickelodeon brings online gamers a whole new way to play with the addition of Petpet Park! It is an exciting and free game that allows players to customize and play a unique pet. Players will then be able to enter and explore the interesting and virtual world that offers many fun things for them to do. With so many options for customizing and playing, there are countless hours of fun to be had in this social space. Not to mention all the new friends that are likely to be made!

Here are some of the great aspects that gamers will have to look forward to:

• Brand new types of characters to customize and play
• Social interaction with other players
• Bright, child friendly environment
• Seasonal and holiday themed games, adventures, shops, and more
• Fast paced fun for all ages
• Fully customizable homes that belong to the player
• Special areas and collectables

Since the game is free, all players will have the options to simply enjoy themselves without ever worrying about spending any money, but there are also optional premium items that can be purchased if they are desired. Parents can rest assured that children will be able to play without the hassle of having to buy or download anything, and children will enjoy the exciting world and characters that roam around.

Players can quickly sign up for a free membership that also grants them access to fun and exclusive options within the game, and begin playing immediately. This is a very fun, free, and simple game to play and to get signed up for. All the information and place to get started can be found at www.petpetpark.com.


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