www.Pokemon.com with online games and free downloads online


The official Pokemon website at www.pokemon.com has a lot to offers its visitors. When first visiting the site, it will ask for the country of the visitor. Once on the site, there are links available for Pokemon video games, trading cards, Pokemon TV, a Pokemon fun zone and a link for Pokemon news.

After clicking on the Pokemon video game link, the visitor to the site will be able to search through all Pokemon games available for purchase or for download. The link allows for online purchases and provides informative tips for playing all games. The page also includes upcoming Pokemon games and the most recent game news available.

The Pokemon card link will open a page dedicated to all Pokemon cards and to the Pokemon trading card game. There is information available for all upcoming card products, local Pokemon tournaments and the ultimate tournament, The Pokemon World Championships. There is a database available to search for any Pokemon card ever issued. The database includes different search options allowing gamers to search by name, energy symbols or key term.

The Pokemon TV link provides visitors the opportunity to watch Pokemon videos at pokemon.com. The number of videos available is not overwhelming, but does offer enough to satisfy most fans needs. With new videos posted every Friday, viewers do get the variety they are craving and are not stuck with the same videos over and over again. There is also a search function that allows visitors to search for their favorite episode.

The Pokemon fun zone is the most interactive for visitors. Here visitors can find Pokemon downloads, play online games, customize and buy gear for their Pokemon trainers. The news link offers updates to all things Pokemon and provides a preview for any upcoming products. Pokeomon.com has a lot to offer any fan of the game, television show or cards.


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