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Creating a blog just takes too long and takes a lot of effort. If the effort is not there, try micro-blogging. It's all the rage because it's easy to do and learn. One of the most popular websites to micro blog is www.tumblr.com.

On the webpage Tumblr lists 30 reasons why you'll love them. And if you love them enough, sign up. It's simple. Immediately start posting on the dashboard. Tumblr points out to you where it's located. Send a text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio or video to the blog. Speaking of blogs customize away. Tumblr points that out too. Customize how the blog looks to your satisfaction. Pick from the hundreds of themes or pay for one. Choose the colors, the font and the number of pages. Insert your own header and background. Type a title and add a description. Choose how many posts are listed, a mobile layout and custom URLs. Edit HTML and CSS. Press the reset button if all else fails.

To add posts pick one way to communicate at the top. Depending on the choice there will either be an upload or typing page. Follow the basic instructions and click “create post.” Publish now or later and add tags. Type in the help center search bar. It will narrow down the questions to come close to matching it. In the settings section (Tumblr calls it preferences) change your email and password. Edit your dashboard and change the primary language. If you can see it on the bottom right there are options to block users and delete the account. Even add analytics from third party websites to Tumblr and they gladly accept. RSS feeds are already added to all public blogs. Even add a custom domain. This is just a hint of what Tumblr has to offer. Tumblr.com really is an effortless way to blog.