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www.theknot.com is not just about tips on how to plan a wedding and wedding ideas, it acts as a personal wedding planner. The hands on tools provided and plethora of ideas and sources all in one place make planning a wedding more efficient, convenient and enjoyable. Every aspect of this special event from save-the-date etiquette and creating wedding invitations all the way to the hottest honeymoon spots is covered. Each step of the way:ideas, information, tips and support from experts are provided onsite.

Looking for the right venue? Find the best local wedding vendors by using their local directory, save hours of research time with work the experts at theknot.com have already done. The knot wedding shop is stock full of wonderful products: reception items, wedding favors, bridal party gifts, and more. Shop by brand or season. Create and order wedding invitations and programs. Find the perfect wedding dress and where to get a tuxedo for the groom.

Stay up to date on wedding trends in the featured content. Browse real weddings and join one of the many communities for even more ideas and tips, sharing information along the way. The inspiration board builder is a great tool to keep, thoughts, ideas and
desires all in one place. The expert advice covers destination weddings, offering tips on travel and the red tape of customs and paperwork. Gain knowledge on the significance of wedding traditions and how to blend different ones. The sticky subjects section discusses how to overcome tensions that can arise before the big day.

Watch the knot TV on demand or online for wonderful how-to videos, expert advice and shopping. On the knot luxe list it's all about luxury, get insider tips from some of the top wedding and event planners out there. In the fun stuff section download apps, badges,
fun tools and deals.


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