www.KBB.com with motorcycles values and prices


The website www.kbb.com is a search engine for a range of different types of cars. Users can search for trade-in values of cars as well as new car prices, photos and reviews. The website is listed as the Kelley Blue Book the trusted resource.

Kbb.com offers information that users can access regarding new cars. New car searches can be done by car category or make & model. Users can also get local quotes by entering their zip code. Once the criterion has been selected the user is presented with an overall view of the car selected. Available trim, type of transmission, engine, drive, and MPG are displayed. The car reviews are written by the KBB editors with quick reference notes for users.

Perhaps one of the most used functions for www.kbb.com is the used car trade-in value. Kelley Blue Book is the standard by which automotive dealerships and private sellers value the used cars and trade-in. Users must enter the make, model, year, and local zip code. Then different options are selected to closely match the available options as well as the current condition. The user is given the trade-in value, the private resale value, and used care value.

The site also offers used car for sale search option. Users can find local used cars in their areas according to different criteria. The search engine pulls data from automotive dealership websites and displays the information in one area. The used car sale search also ties into the component of the Kelley Blue Book to research perceived value so that customers can use as a point for negotioation. The website www.kbb.com is a website for general users that allow for easy access to new car reviews, trade-in values, and used car sales information.


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