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Nurses play an important role in society, and having the right credentials is of extreme importance. That is why having a streamlined system to verify nurses licensure is so important. Nursys.com provides that system. In its large database Nursys store license information for the nurses in the United States. When a hospital or clinic seeks to hire a new nurse, Nursys.com is the place they go to verify that the nurse is properly licensed to work in thier facility. The general public can also verify a nurse's credentials through Nursys.com. The information reported includes: the nurse's name, licensed jurisdiction, license type and number, states included in licensure, original issue date and expiration of licensure, whether the license is active, and whether or not there has been disciplinary action against the license such as any restrictions on the privilege to practice.

Normally inquiries into Nursys.com come one at a time, but there are times when many licenses need to be verified in a short period of time, such as during the aftermath of a natural disaster. The Nursys Emergency Responder service provides free reports to emergency response organizations. During these times the Nursys system works quickly to provide the verification needed in order to get nurses on site to help however they can and to assure that those involved in important rescue work have the skills and integrity that is so important in an emergency situation.

Nurses themselves may also obtain verification reports from Nursys.com. When they are applying for licensure or a job in another state having this access can be very useful as they seek to further their career. The license verification is only for the US and its territories, International licenses don't apply. For each license type there is a small fee charged, and the fee doubles when a nurse verifies both a PN and an RN license.


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