www.NOAA.gov is the national weather hurricane center with computer models


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is a division of the United States Department of Commerce. Their website is at www.noaa.gov, which provides a lot of information concerning their varied activities. Along the top of the site is their logo and lettering, and directly below that are clickable links taking readers to About NOAA, contacts, staff directory, and help. Directly below that is a site-wide narrow rectangle with an image of a spacecraft and astronaut in outer space. Within the image s a clickable link saying Countdown to Launch, which takes readers to information on upcoming future space launches.

A rotating display of four photographs is on the front center of the site. Directly below this is a section titled NOAA now, which covers recent statements made by NOAA directors, such as concerns about the New England fishing industry. On the right is a vertical column covering the latest NOAA news, showing the first sentence of each news article as a clickable link to the entire article. On the lower right is a features section, with clickable links covering NOAA Education and NOAA Corps. Social media links such as Twitter and Facebook are on the bottom right.

On the left side of the noaa.gov website is another vertical column beginning with a space where readers can type in their city and state, then press go to get their latest weather information. Below that are clickable links describing the different functions of the NOAA, such as NOAA in your state, general weather information, working with the NOAA, and emergency information for their employees. On the lower and bottom left are links to the NOAAWATCH all hazards monitor, Restoring the Gulf, www.climate.gov, recovery at NOAA, and law enforcement updates.


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