www.OptOnline.net with email and server settings for iphone and android


Optonline.net, now known as Optimum.net, is a service provider for high speed Internet, DVR and telephone lines in the New York state area. If you receive your service from Optimum, you most likely visit the OPtimum.net (formerly Optonline.net) website often, as you need to log onto your email account. Of course, the website is more than just your way of checking email messages, as there are many different features to the site than just this.

When you first arrive on the website, you are greeted with the latest national news. You can click on one of the featured links to view more information about the cover stories. You are also able to view small videos that are attached to the stories. Optimum also provides links to local news, weather and sports, so you never need to go out and buy the local paper.

While on the website, if you want to check your email account or current service packages you need to click "Please Sign In." From here you enter in your service account information and you are directed towards your account. If you want you can view your current email messages, or you can adjust your account. If you want to adjust your account you need to click on the feature you want to upgrade (or downgrade), then select the new option you want instead. From here you are required to confirm the changes to your account. Do note, that the changes to your account will appear on the following billing statement.

If you are using the Optimium website on a shared computer, make sure to log out once you are done, as you don't want other individuals gaining access to your account information when you walk away from the computer.


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